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Our parents - they've supported us through everything we've been through - not just with music but with life in general. And so, we're really a close family which has been a huge support. Especially being on the road, you know, having sisters with you is so amazing. We wouldn't have it any other way. We're so close. We know each other - and we're honest...

Definitely, and I wasn't all for it at the beginning. Being the oldest, I was like, "I don't know if I want to been seen with my little sisters. I'm really shy - I don't want to do this." But God definitely had a plan for us that was way bigger than we had for ourselves. Obviously, just being here today is amazing for us. ... So, they got me into it.

That's something in our message - to set a positive message for kids our age because we're normal - normal teenagers...

We're going from our life experiences because that's really the only thing that you can ... I mean you can sing about whatever you want, but when you're singing about something you've been through, then I think it translates better to the people that you're trying to minister to. And it's cool because I'll go out and talk about purity and modesty and just like respecting yourself.

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