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My mother, who raised me as a Catholic, is happy over the fact that I follow a religion and cultivate my faith in the one God. In order to get a clear head, I decided to leave my old band and turn my back on a life of alcohol and nicotine. My decision was respected and seen as positive by the band members at that time. We parted on good terms. At no point in time have I had difficulty to admitting that I am Muslim, and there is no opposition that is worth mentioning. Meanwhile, about half of my friends are Muslim.

One day I received out of nowhere I received a call from Carlos, whereby he asked me if I didn'’t have a song for his new album. From then on everything went very fast. I had already written the song, “"Put your lights on" on the balcony of my house in the mountains overlooking the city. I was inspired by the lights of the city that came on one by one at sunset . However, I was not sure at that point if I should also record " LA ILAHA IL ALLAH " in the song, because I did not want to sell Allah's words. But Carlos loved this song and absolutely wanted to have it.

There is no need for someone like me to spread Islam. Allah does not need me to defend Him. If you look for God, you will find Islam. Keep your faith and hold tight to the truth.

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