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“With this, it was, yes, we were excited about it but it was something new that we hadn't done before being on national TV. You get one shot, one song and that's it. And you're in a room full of screaming girls and we played acoustically and couldn't hear ourselves.”

“Our heads were just kinda spinning the whole time,”

“We knew when we started this band that a lot of our appeal was going to be in the teen market. We knew that's who buys records; kids in college burn CDs.”

“We're really trying hard to bring back this thing with melody and good songs and a different way of doing it than the other pop bands that are out there right now. It doesn't really sound like pop did five years ago. Guitar is back.”

“We were sort of struggling in the beginning to find the direction stylistically what exactly we wanted to be, ... We sort of had a few different things going on that were probably good for a young band because it gave us options as far as what path we wanted to really go full-throttle with.”

“I like songs that are so damn catchy that you wake up in the morning with them in your head.”

“We were really driven to do something and hopefully become really successful with it. We set a lot of small goals and just took things a step at a time.”

“It's definitely still a thrill. You can be having a bad day or whatever, and you get up on stage and you hear that and it can make you forget about what else is going on in your life.”

“I think our main interest just lay in popular music, something that had a little bit more of a mainstream appeal, that the average person could find accessible.”

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