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I mean you've got to put your priorities straight, if this whole thing doesn't pan out I've always got a great career as a video store clerk that I can look forward to.
Stuart MacLeod

If we canít give up the energy, the crowd wonít give it back.
Stuart MacLeod

I believe Perth bands have an opportunity to grow without feeling a record industry pressure, because, well, it simply isnít there. Thereís no A and R in Perth, and I hope it stays that way.
Stuart MacLeod

Well basically we just had a few demos we did in Fremantle and we sent them out to a few different producers. Had a talk with a couple of them and we just sort of seemed to connect more with him than anyone else, he had a lot of similar ideas production wise. He helped quite a bit with song arrangements, cutting and splicing and that sort of thing. He's got a good pop sensibilty I think.
Stuart MacLeod

Well, I actually can't wait to go to the ARIA night, that's all I'm looking forward to. Dressing up and getting very drunk. Although right now, we're actually doing a Superjesus tour. That'll keep us going till first of April, then we head home for a couple of weeks and wait for the next single to come out.
Stuart MacLeod

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