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“[It doesn't help that The Click Five's songs seem designed for teens with high-school crushes and breakups; on] Just the Girl, ... When she sees it's me, on her caller ID, she won't pick up the phone, she'd rather be alone.”

“If you’re going to do it, do it, ... If you’re going to put on a stage show and go crazy and go wild, do it. If you’re going to throw your fist in the air, you extend it! You get your arm up there!”

“KISS is actually a big influence on us. Our manager talked to Paul and got him involved and interested in us from the very beginning. We had a chance to meet him, go to some [ KISS ] shows, get to know him on a personal level. He'd talk to me and say 'You look good up there, but try to connect more to the audience.' I had Paul Stanley , who's a master at it, willing to help me out and giving me tips. How cool is that?”

“On one hand I like to be very secluded, on the other hand I love to be on the center of the stage.”

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