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“We’re careful to call it The New Cars because we don’t want to mislead anybody to think that it’s the old band and that they should be expecting to see Ric and David when they come to the shows. It’s a new band, but the hope and wish is to use our past legacy to build upon.”

“When we got together in the rehearsal room in LA, we played a few Cars songs and it just sounded great. It sounded like The Cars, but it also sounded like Todd. He’s not impersonating anybody. It’s a great combination and a great fit. We’ll do some Cars live as well as Todd stuff, but what I’m most excited about is the new stuff we’ve recorded and that we have the ability to move forward as a new band and do new studio albums of new material.”

“David isn’t in the music business anymore. He owns a restaurant and is happy doing what he’s doing and chose not to be involved. It’s about comfort level – people have to do what they’re comfortable doing and if they are not comfortable being in a band and touring and performing then they shouldn’t do it. It’s as simple as that, but at the same time it would be unfair to expect Greg and I to fold up and not do it.”

“It all comes down to songs honestly. It always has been about songs and in Ric we had a truly gifted songwriter and the rest of it was magic. None of it is calculated or formulated and it’s just what the five of us sounded like playing together and the way we interpreted Ric’s songs.

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