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We rehearse a lot at the beginning. Probably more so than many other bands. Iím like the James Brown whip-cracking type when it comes to this kind of thing. I like to be oiled up. I mean business. I donít want to waste anyoneís time. It might not be one of the best nights of your life but my goal is to make it one of the best nights of your life. I want people to leave feeling good.

It was drums for a long time, then slowly by the time I was nine or ten, I was writing songs on the upright piano in the house. By the time I was a teenager, when I was sixteen or seventeen, I started messing around with my sisterís acoustic guitar.

Yeah, youíve got to find the time. After a couple of years of not shaving, youíve got to find the time to shave. That said, there was a lot of beard care and maintenance when you have a big, scraggily, bug-infested beard. You still have to take care of it in some ways. Just like bad hair days on the top of your head, you have bad beard days. Thereís nothing worse than a bad beard day when your beard just isnít working.

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