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I think since we have the opportunity to share music with so many people, I think it’s also important for us to do something positive with that and I just hope that in doing that, that other people would also get involved. I think its very easy to be complacent and just be where your at and be really happy that way, but I think it’s really important to think beyond yourself, and I fall into not doing that a lot of the time, you know.

Well we all write the music. Riley the drummer will write guitar parts. Just writing songs, we’ll all come together with all of these different parts. We all listen to different styles of music. We all have a collection of core bands that we all really appreciate, but, I think, we’ll all bring these different ideas in, and our music can go on that.

On a personal level, it was easier to work with Sub City just because there was less people. Now we have a manager and a business manager and a booking agent and a tour manager and all that stuff.

I think originally, I was really scared when we were talking to labels and stuff, just because you hear, kind of, horror stories and, things, bands getting dropped because they didn’t sell enough records or whatever. But I think at the same time, while we were talking to people, I was talking to the guy actually who produced our album, Brian Mcternan, and how we didn’t have to sign, it wasn’t really important for us to sign with anybody, but if we did meet somebody that we thought was awesome, it would just be stupid not to do something that you thought was a good idea just because maybe it went up against some punk rock code or something that you feel like you have to.

Well when we were talking to labels, that was one of the first things that we were like “were not going to do this unless you guys continue on working with charities how we are,” and right away they were like “yeah.” We were talking to the owner of Island actually, and he was telling us about how he had his own charity that he was running. They just seemed really excited about it too, so that was like a plus.

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