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"Well that explains the amount of talent that we have in Jamaica. The country is full of talents and this is how you get to hear some of the talents, through the music. There are other talents there that need to emerge as well. So trying to explain to you the amount, or the phenomena that is coming out. It’s just that the talent are there, you know . Then again there are a lot of problems already, people are feeling different, going through different climaxes in life and things, so people express that through the music. You wouldn’t get to do it politically. But the music is there. 
Lincoln "Style" Scott

Well it’s just another nickname which was given by musicians in the studio, based on how I play when I crash my cymbal, I lift my hands high. Normally Jammo would have set up his kit like that. The name style comes about like that. Then again you had ‘Sly’ ( Dunbar ) so people would compare the two people together. Thats how the name came by. so we started out with Prince Far-I and The Arabs. and the Creation Rebel thing was going on. Then I went back to Jamaica. From then on in I normally come back up with rhythms. I’d make rhythms in Jamaica. Then come up here and try to sell those them to whoever wanted some rhythms. Adrian would hustle around and sell some of these rhythms until we get serious. 
Lincoln "Style" Scott

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