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Dryden Mitchell Quotes

“I'm just so grateful that my injuries aren't worse. There will be a lot of rehabilitation and physical therapy, but I'm planning on working hard so the band can get back to writing songs, and then we can get in the studio and record the new album as soon as possible.”

“Those probably aren't the people who are going to buy the new record,”

"We did a bunch of these mellow, kind of like sad songs. But when he came in, he said we sounded old. It wasn't about age, but I got was he was saying.”

“If we could get three or four days off at a time, we would do shows all the way up to San Francisco and Arizona and all the way back. Before we knew it, we were getting like three to five hundred people in 10 different cities up and down the West Coast.”

“I was happy making the new record, but I haven't been this excited to travel somewhere in a long time, ... That bus crash kind of killed any kind of travel for me, but this should be pretty sweet.”

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