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Woody and Nokio went to high school together. Sisqo went to school around the corner from us. He used to come to our school to hang out after school with the girls. Woody got put out of the school and started going to school with Jazz. Woody used to beg me to join a group with him, and eventually we formed a group. He joined the group. Scola was the closest thing to knowing how to be a superstar in Baltimore. We had his demos and albums, and we used to listen to them. That’s how we met and got together.

We’ve all had an opportunity to go away and meditate. Holding our skills in a sense, and we’ve all come back and our practice is more defined.

We collaborated with several artists in the past, such as Foxy Brown, Little Kim, DMX, and Babyface. Noreiga is on our album. We did something with the Neptunes on our album. We collaborate when it feels natural.

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