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Drew Lachey Quotes

“In terms of TV and for the ratings that the show gets, it's ridiculous.”

“Cheryl has so much fire and determination to win. It is just infectious, I know even after the competition, we will still be the best of friends.”

“It's a lot of fun, but my body's definitely telling me that it's glad that it's over. It's sore. It's tired. It's like you get hit by this wave and you get knocked down by this dance. You come up for air and feel like you're getting your bearings again and all of a sudden 'boom,' another week comes and you got to learn another dance.”

“It just kind of happened spontaneously. If I had to do it over again, I might not have done it but you know!”

“It was there. What else can I grab? She is not wearing anything else! I guess ABC, and their parent companies, don't find my humor as humorous as I do, so, maybe I need a cable show, not network!”

“Do it so it looks like fun. That's what our strengths have been. I may not be as technically sound as people like Stacy, but I think people enjoy watching us more.”

“I'm happy to take a little of the pressure off of him. He has been getting the short-end for a while. It's great just to be able to perform and get out here and do what I love doing, which is entertaining people.”

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