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Dream Street Quotes

"I pulled the old shaving creame trick, I put some on his hand and tickled his nose. To my surprise, it worked. Well acctually I didn't tickle his nose, I stuck a pencil up it."
-Matt talking about Jesse

"He has nightmares about some strage fan cornering him and trying to kiss him" -Frankie talking about Jesse

"One time we had a sound check, and Chris had been making farting noises and Jess started laughing and made a snorting noise into the microphone and it was really loud"

"Someone just asked if I was Jesse, and I said no"

"Jess will probally kill me for telling you this but...one time Chris dared him to try on womans panties...he put them on his head, he said Chris didnt say how he had to wear them"

"It feels great to be back home especially when we have the best fans in the world right here on Long Island"-talking to all Long Island fans (this quote is not word for word but basically right)

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