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“We have signed with Artemis Records. Originally they were our distributor for ‘Group Therapy’. My former manager (Chip Quigley) started a record label (Recon Records) and had Artemis Records as their distributor. Unfortunately, the way the label was run meant that it didn’t turn out the way that we thought it was going to be. We simply got into something that was different to what we initially thought"
Edsel Dope

“The irony is that I don’t think we took a step backwards to make ‘Group Therapy’. I think we took a step forward because it’s a lot more complicated to make that kind of album. I think that album was far more produced than ‘American Apathy’, and it had a lot more harmony vocals and lots of intricate parts musically speaking. "
Edsel Dope

“I think what’s happened is that over the last couple of years we’ve discovered in ourselves what we do best for the Dope sound. And I think we really tried to capture that on ‘American Apathy’, and not really push the music outside of the boundaries where it doesn’t belong. We just kind of kicked it up and in the ass a little bit.”
Edsel Dope

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