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Well, it started with pimps like Too Short, you know. But who really spread it nationwide with some major push behind it – we’re kinda the ones that came out of the game with the “Po Pimp” thing. “Po Pimp” spread nationwide to millions of fans that really, really started looking up to us and our image as being pimps. So with “Po Pimp” we was able to elevate to the success where we’re at.

It’s still the same thing, but you got different things going on within the street game. We’re basically from the streets, man. What we see in the streets now is the same ol’ hustlers, or you got some that’s been locked up for this-and-that there. And we’ll still let you know the street game from our point of view, and so that people may familiarize it with people in their area. ‘Cause there’s a ghetto everywhere.

Oh, you know Kanye is from the area, you know what I’m saying? I mean, we did previous projects with him before he ever even got down with Roc-A-Fella. We met him, he came to the boards, and it just went on from there. Our relationship started from that and he’s been showing us a lot of love, and we’ve been showing him a lot of love.

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