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It’s a pretty crazy because I have developed so much over the past year from rocking a hoody and sweat pants. Now I am more high fashion not only am I taking my style from New York but I am traveling internationally. I am even putting this into my music as far as trying to be innovative, staying fresh and staying a step ahead of what’s out there now. For example, the song “Stereo” will represent that.
Donnie Klang 

The one person I look up to in the entertainment business is Will Smith. I feel like not only did he do great music he made films and television shows but he always stayed positive in the media. He never really got caught up in scandals and his career is the career that I idolized. If I can have a movie under my belt and some Grammy Awards, multi-platinum albums and maybe a television show…I’m just dreaming big.
Donnie Klang 

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