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ďI'm 14 years in the game, ... There's some kids that weren't even born when my first album came out. I wanted to draw a timeline between my old stuff and my new stuff and bridge it to where there's a level of continuity.Ē
DJ Quik

ďFandango was around before the Internet. Fandango is a Spanish-American dance. It's a lively tempo dance. It's almost like the tango. That's what it says in the Merriam-Webster [dictionary]. The second entry is [defined as] 'tomfoolery.' That's what it says in the dictionary, that's what I go by. I remember Queen saying it too on 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' When I was little I never understood what they meant by 'do the fandango.' Ē
DJ Quik

My forte is the music. But obviously if ya donít keep up with the business, then your kinda doing it for nothing. So I do plan on being well off doing, maximizing what I do now. I heard Jimmy Kimmel describe being in your thirties in hip-hop is like the equivalent to being 300 yrs. old; almost like a dinosaur. 
DJ Quik

As a matter of fact it wasnít until after BIG passed and stupid rumors went around that I had something to do with it, and itís like Iím not a killer man , Iím a musician, Iím a DJ we got like a different heart. Ya know back then when rappiní was fun, and we could immolate being gangstas; ya know Dr. Dre made the hardest gangsta rap records in the world, that didnít necessarily make him a gangsta. It was all like ya know : character, we were all in character. 
DJ Quik

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