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I was born in New Orleans- been dee jaying since I was fourteen years old. Iím thirty now. Iím producing a lot of artists from Fat Joe to Jeezy, down to Dre, a new artist coming out, Rick Ross, a new artist coming out.

Iím doing this Battlerap.com. It is my focus right now. Itís so big because I get a chance to put my production on there and actually let all type of emcees get involved and get my vibe, and even win up to $100,000 not just one time, many times.

I linked up with Fat Joe years ago. Fat Joeís like my best friend besides the whole music situation. So heís my best friend, heís family. Iíll do anything for em.

Actually other labels wanted to get it. The only reason why I went to Koch is because I felt like the big labels and all that stuff-and Iím not saying itís not going to do any good to see the big labels-I feel like man, itís all about being relevant and itís all about being in the game.

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