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DJ Jazzy Jeff Quotes

"I grew up around music and I just wanted to get it out,"
"Some people get it out with a guitar, some get it out with drums, some get it out with horns. I got it out with two turntables."
DJ Jazzy Jeff 

“I’ve had people tell me that I’m one of the dopest, deepest musicians they’ve ever been around, and I play nothing, no instrument at all,” 
“It’s hard being musical and not being able to play. There’s no way I could get whats in my head out through my fingers. That’s the most frustrating thing in the world.”
DJ Jazzy Jeff 

"I don't want to take attention away from the producers as much as I want the attention to go to the artist," 
"You want the accolades of being a producer, but when you look at some of the albums we grew up on, the producer wasn't the focal point. The producer's job is to build a frame around the artist's picture. Now, it's like some artists rely on the producer more than themselves and that's not fair. I try to leave A Touch of Jazz stealth in that aspect."
DJ Jazzy Jeff 

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