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Disturbing Tha Peace Quotes

Chris got the Disturbing Tha Peace, DTP album on the way, itís coming out early November. Ludaís in that, Shawna still down, and we got the newest edition which is Bobby V and Field Mob. Itís going to be a hot album, itís really letting people know that Field Mob is back too and letting people know that DTP got talent. And then of course the Field Mob album, Light Poles & Pine Trees, comes out November the 29th
Field Mob

Disturbing Tha Peace is just extremely grindin' right now because we know that our artists are ready; we focused. We came out before and we took some L's, we took some boosts - Luda is doing his thing right now as far as movies and music. Bobby V[alentino] did great when he came out... The expectations for Field Mob are incredible... Playaz Circle which consists of Titti Boi and Dolla Boi are just on the underground bubblin', they just remain on radio regardless. So right now we're just tryin' to make sure that we execute the right moves - not throw everybody out there at once and not have anybody to fall back on. Everybody's ready right now, everybody's music is ready - they game face is on and we just tryin' to make sure we do everything right.

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