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We’re not a religious band. It is more of a spiritual symbol. We wanted to take the four religious symbols and intertwine them and mesh them together to symbolize unity. It’s more about a belief in one. This album is very positive and that is the message that we were trying to send this time.
Dan Donegan

Not ever since that first show. During that first show I probably didn’t even move two feet. But, as the show went on I got caught up in the excitement and the adrenaline and the crowd’s response when it was over. It was just a rush. The last time I had any kind of…I wouldn’t say stage fright but I was just really star struck when Ozzy Osbourne came out to watch our set.
Dan Donegan

The other three knew each other already and partially had been playing together in some other bands from the Chicago scene when they founded Disturbed. They already had a singer, but somehow it didn't seem to work out with him so they had an ad in the paper. Well, I saw it and I thought I'd take my chances and that was it then. We clicked.
David Draiman

We don't have a particular plan. We just do what we do. This is the only way we know how to do it. We make the music that moves us. We use it as therapy. The songs are cathartic. They're ways of dealing with life experiences and the world around you. It's meant to be as a release for us as it is for other people.
David Draiman

It's multifaceted, the message to our music. It's not just that. It's about individuality, development of self, finding things in life that you can be passionate about.
David Draiman

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