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How did we come together? Hmm. Weíre all from Santa Barbara, and umm, itís a really small town. We were kinda aware of each other and these different bands growing up. I ended up meeting JR when my band was recording at this house. SoÖ.

When we were starting, if you wanted to write your own music, the only place that you could play was in LA. A lot of times it was hard if you were just starting out. We were in high school bands and we couldnít get a gig! We didnít have big enough hair! WE didnít have tights!

I think it changed us gradually. I donít think we were aware of how big that song was until probably more recently. We still do the same things every day. We were still touring Ė in a van Ė at that point, playing, except our audiences keep getting bigger. We just really didnít notice anything going on around us.
J.R. (on success of Counting Blue Cars)

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