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People in Norway don't really know how to produce this kind of music, and there are enough studios that are really good, by all means, but we need people that have had some experience in this kind of music for quite some time.

Well, we always pressure ourselves to the maximum and the ambition and the goal always is to make a better record than the last one, of course. With that in mind, you always have to work harder and harder for each album.

Nick still plays drums in LOCK UP, but that's more like a hobby, a fun thing. And Galder is, as said, still involved in OLD MAN'S CHILD, but besides that there's nothing else.

Yeah, the more real instruments you have, the more real and alive the presence will be. And our step up to using an orchestra wasn't that big really because our music has always been symphonic, so it just makes the sound more live and attractive, I guess, and not so plastic which it sometimes tends to sound like when you use a lot of keyboards.

We just try to get the level so all instruments sound properly and it's not that we want one instruments louder than anything else, it's just that we have to find the right balance and that's really difficult when it comes to our music.

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