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Diana Degarmo Quotes

Shes very active. My mom is my manager and handles day-to-day business to keep the DeGarmo machine up and running! Shes a huge, huge part of my career and my life.

I have a brother who has been overseas for two tours. Ive been very fortunate that he has come home safely. Whether or not you support the war, always support our soldiers.

We had the hope that we would get this far. I think what changed my position, I realized that I wasn't doing my best so thought... What would I do in front of my friends and family? I went out there and did it and things turned around. I started showing me, started having a good time and it turned around. Having a blast.

Well, I don't really, we don't really get to know much about the voting. They have assured us that the voting is as fair as possible. It's good, no matter what. I didn't know about the extra time and lines and think it will help out people. I think it will be good either way.

I think one of my highpoints was definitely well, everything started turning around on Barry Manilow week. I had so much fun on disco week, love disco music. I think I picked some songs that really worked for me and people really enjoyed them. I loved doing the Donna Summers song and she was the guest judge, and she was the guest judge and I felt honored. She said she loved the song and said I made it my own.

"If you see me, I'm always wearing black and pink. If I don't have it on, I at least have something that's black and pink. For instance, like, a bracelet or something."

"I have a very voluptuous rear, I have a J. Lo butt and I'm proud of it!"

"I'm planning to be the youngest contestant in the Top 32, and I'm planning to be the youngest person in the Top 10..."

"When I found out I was in the finals I about had a heart attack I did this whole speechless thing and for me that is a really big thing cause I am a talker."

"At school my nickname is the National Anthem girl."

"I've been doing this sort of thing my entire life. It's my love, it's my passion, it's what I do day in and day out. I eat, sleep, and breathe music and singing."

"Because I came in second place, it makes me want to work harder"

I grew up listening to Patsy Cline. I was a huge Patsy Cline fan. I still am. Even though she's considered country, I think of her more as a blues singer. She's got a great blues voice and she has such an amazing story, which I always loved. I knew her entire greatest hits album backwards, forwards and inside out. My mother would try and skip over some of the songs to make the tape shorter and I'd go, "Hey, you missed one! You missed one!"

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