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Diamond Rio Quotes

“It says the right things. When we do the song live, people stand up and sing along by the first chorus.”
Gene Johnson

“We've always tried to have a good mix of stuff on our albums -- something that's fun, something that's very radio friendly, something that's going to touch someone's heart, maybe even something that's pop influenced. More than ever, on the 'Completely' album, we wanted to show more than one musical side of Diamond Rio.”
Gene Johnson

“You feed off the energy of the audience. They didn't see you the night before so every night is a new show.”
Gene Johnson

“It came out when we were examining and reevaluating our career. We were in that mode where we were wondering what to do to bring things back around. And 'One More Day' did that – an answer to a little prayer, I guess.”
Gene Johnson

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