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Geographically, we’re worlds apart but I think everyone in the band and anyone who listens to our type of music will be able to relate to being the ‘outcast’ because of the way you dress or look, and in the case of WM3, that was taken to the extreme.

‘Sadie’ and ‘Prevent This Tragedy’ were both early favourites of mine, because they were a glimpse to me of where or where not Matt may be headed. Matt has other material which is not Alkaline Trio style, so that may be on a solo project or whatever.

We haven’t headlined for a while so this is good for us. It’s not a festival; it’s good to play smaller, more personal venues with these new songs.

Well, Matt has recorded some material on a CD with Kevin Seconds already, but that’s it for the moment, he’s concentrating on Alkaline Trio. Dan (bass and vocals) is a fantastic musician. He doesn’t have any plans to release any solo material as of yet, but he’s the type of guy who could just walk into a studio and record a CD in a week or whatever. He’s great. As for me, I’m not planning on anything but Alkaline Trio at the moment.

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