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"After being on top of each other for three years there was a thing of being in the room with each other was a bit tense. We've never got to actually fighting, yet,"
Andrew Fletcher

"To be honest it was total relief to get home at the end of it. It got especially bad with about two or three weeks to go but you felt I've got (some quote missing), made it, this far, it would be really sad to die at this stage."
Martin Gore

"You have a tendency to just remember the bad times and bad moments. I think that often it's the way of life. Yet the rewards we got from it were fantastic and we played a lot of shows to sellout audiences in I don't know how many cities. I just think we didn't realise how insane it was until we were actually right in the middle of it and couldn't stop. We just couldn't stop."
David Gahan

"We stopped for a long time after the tour and I saw what I was and I didn't like it. I had long enough to see it but it took a while before I realised it."
David Gahan

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