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The first time in the studio with JD was like lovely you know what Iím saying. Cause it wasnít like we had just met JD. The bond was just there. We had already knowed what we could do it was just when could they get us in the studio to just see would we still do the same thing while he was in there with his presence. But when we was in there it was a pleasure and a honor just having him orchestrate the whole thing.

Not just a couple hits we got a couple albums. We ainít got a couple hits we got a couple albums

We did a couple songs with Juelz Santana. We worked projects with The Dungeon Family and some more cats, but Iím not sure if they gonna put it out. But people have been calling me saying they want beats, so you will be hearing so of that Pimpin production on other artistsí music.

Right now since we on top a lot of people gonna start hating know what Iím saying cause they want that publicity. So you just gotta do what you do.

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