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Delbert McClinton Quotes

"I have two sons, ages 38 and 25 in Texas, and my wife and seven year old daughter here in Nashville. On New Yearís Iíd rather be with them."
Delbert McClinton

"I love performing ! Itís true that youíre only as good as your last show. You have to keep testing yourself and keep that lump in your throat before you go on."
Delbert McClinton

"I love songwriting ! Itís my Number One passion other than performing. Well, actually itís like wearing three different hats: songwriting, recording and performing. Theyíre all completely different and draw on different types of skills. With recording, there are so many different phases of production, and you have to be very careful because you can polish it until it doesnít shine."
Delbert McClinton

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