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The idea is quite old i think, i would say two or three years ago we had the general idea to do something special for the 20th anniversary and we had different ideas on the whole thing and stages of ideas, and one of the ideas was to throw a party and have guests and all this. My idea was to have an evening with old members and such and then at the end a big Deine Lakaien symphony. Time by time it came to this solution and i think this was the best solution. Of course the main idea is a 20th anniversary, so you can spend a lot of money for that….haha!
Ernst Horn

We started with i think 42 songs, and then i asked Alexander what he would want to sing and what he would not like to sing. From that we had about 30 songs, which we reduced even more. It's very hard you know, at the beginning you might think this will absolutely not work with an orchestra and a little bit later it’s totally different and you see that it will work. 
Ernst Horn

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