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Death From Above 1979 Quotes

"I'm not sure. We met a few times at gigs and different local bars. We were introduced by some girl. She told me her boyfriend [Sebastian] was a drummer. I then got talking to him and it turned out he didn't know her at all."

"I'll listen to anything except classical. We are students of music. When you are a little kid you like one thing and listen to that exclusively. But then when get older your tastes expand."

"Japan probably. It was such a different place to anywhere I'd been before. They have a totally different way of life there. Their culture is so different from ours. But they are mad for KFC!"

"We are both working on remixes for different artists at the moment for Master Kraft [their own personal label]. I find working relaxing, especially as it's something I love doing. I'd rather be doing this than sitting on my ass, letting my body get fat with wasted creative energy."

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