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I was in bands as a singer-guitarist-songwriter until 1980-81. So, there's a bunch of stuff. A lot of the stuff is hard to come by—stuff by the Special Interest Group and the Zobo Funn Band. The Zobo Funn Band was a big Northeast cult band. We had about a billion skirmishes with the big rock industry.
David Torn

I get the impression from the crowd of people I hang around with that intellect is kind of a time bomb. And if that's what you're living by solely and you're not in touch with the emotional, expressive or sensual states, then that little bomb is going to explode. It can be great if the thing explodes, but sometimes it can leave a life in tatters. So, I guess that's what I meant. Every mind, at some point, has to get defused. You gotta get in touch with those stupid cliche phrases like "wake up and smell the roses" and shit like that.
David Torn

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