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I like the communication and trust that comes from a long-term relationship. When you really know people as musicians and as people, you feel you can really count on them. That frees you to take more chances and Ö it takes the music to a higher level. It translates into a better product for audiences.
There are two levels to these relationships. The first level is being with guys for the first few years, youíre getting used to guys Ė heís got this to offer, heís got that to offer, I donít like this, I do like this. You both praise them and are critical as you get to know one another. 
Dave Liebman

I was in Ottawa in either 1971 or 1972. We played some godforsaken club in the middle of Christmas week, with snow up to our heads and temperatures around 25 below zero. We stayed in some kind of hotel-motel full of hookers. The whole thing was really depressing. And we played in that club for something like five nights. I canít tell you the name of it, or what was happening but I was definitely there with Elvin Jones. And that was the only time I was ever in Ottawa. Thatís gotta be more than 35 years ago. I just remember all the snow. But, you know, I remember the club was pretty full. What brought people out at Christmas and in all of that snow, I canít imagine. But they were there.
Dave Liebman

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