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Actually we have been having some great shows. We're in Flint Michigan tonight, obviously. It's good to come back to Detroit (laughsand then correcting himself, it's good to be back in Michigan; we haven't been here in a while. We had a killer show in St. Louis last night and we're having a good time.

He's actually saved the whole livelihood of the band. Not to make the guy blush or anything since he is sitting right next to me (laughs). He's kind of brought us back to life really I mean it's kind of like he was the mouth piece of the band basically. You know that's kind of your bands identity. We're all strong musicians and I give Tim, Kris, and myself a lot of credit for sticking through what would have killed a lesser band.
(about Luke joining the band)

You live in this country, you should love this country enough to respect the men and women and kids out there defending our rights to be fat asses and go to McDonalds or go to see Star Wars at the movies. You know what I'm saying, we're not the ones carrying the M-16's and shit so the people all have to have enough respect for them, if you live in this country. Regardless if you're Democrat, Republican, Wig, Federalist

Just to be able to have this level of control is refreshing; it kind of got where the band was out of our grasp. It was this big machine, the car was driving itself and we didn't have a hold of the steering wheel. And now it's kind of like we can control it and hold the reigns and kind of control the direction. You know what I'm saying? We got a vision, we know what we want to do; we can do it.

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