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Danny Vaughn Quotes

Waysted was always flirting with self-destruction. Itís the lifestyle and methodology of the two fellows from UFO. They had been playing the rock and roll game to the hilt for so long and since they were so young, that they couldnít find any other way to live. It had some serious backlashes, both personal and in business. It was a relationship that ended with a whimper and not a bang. We all shook hands at an airport, said, ďweíll see you for the next album really soonĒ and then never did.
Danny Vaughn

I always get asked by fans if there are any rarities floating around. Well, usually, if something is rare and unreleased itís because the writer didnít think it was very good. Ever look at the deleted scenes section of a DVD? I can think of maybe twice that the scenes they left out were good ones. Mostly itís throw-away stuff. I would never have put out a CD of those songs from so many different bands in my past and charged for it. But I did ask people to donate any monies that they could simply to help the gentleman that runs my web site and has done so for 7 years without charging a penny for his hard work. People did get it and they did contribute so I think it was definitely worth doing. I may do more in the future.
Danny Vaughn

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