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A fella named Randy Hart, a keyboard player from Washington, D.C. used to play in a band there called "Tractor." Now, I knew two of the guys in Tractor, but I never knew Randy. This would've been around 77 or so and I was living in Santa Cruz, CA for awhile and I had migrated down to LA. I was doing an album with Commander Cody and Randy Hart knocked at the door. Somehow he found out I was in LA., through someone else, and he lived out there. But, he was Roger Miller's keyboard player. Somehow or another he had gotten into that thing. And he asked me if I was looking for a gig, and at the time I was. He took me down to meet Roger Miller. I passed the au­dition. I worked on and off with him for about 5 years. I met Robert play­ing in a club in Georgetown, in Wa­shington. He knew the guy that was singing in the band. He came down to see us and asked me if I wanted to play on a record he was doing, so I said sure. So, I played on the record "Are You Gonna Be The One?" Marshall Crenshaw wrote a lot of tunes on that. Marshall was actually in the band when I joined, playin' bass. Duke Robillard was in that band for awhile too. So, I was working with Roger and Robert for a few years, juggling the schedule, and somehow it always worked out.
Danny Gatton

That's the first band I ever played in that was working and I was getting paid for it. I was 12. The other guys were a lot older than me.
Danny Gatton

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