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Danity Kane Quotes

I think I've always been consistent with my singing. I think it's my insecurity that was the problem. It definitely made me come to terms with things that I felt insecure about and I grew mentally stronger because of those challenges and because of being able to experience them in such a massive way, being that, all the viewers of our television show are exposed to that type of thing actually makes me even more stronger than I would have been if I had to go through that on my own.

I would definitely say that there's really no best singer of the group. We're all really great singers in all of our own right, we all have very different styles. I don't really feel any pressure, I don't think that any of us do. We love to sing. If you love something, it shows. I sing, and what comes out, comes out.

Basically, we wanted a name that we could define and not the name define us. We wanted something that was empowering that meant positivity but also representing each individual in a group as a whole and individually. So, we came together with a combination of all five us under one name and that is how we came up with Danity Kane.

It's fun! Because you never know what to expect. Diddy is a character, a very original personality. You're never going to come across another person like him. And you're never going to come across people like us, so putting five girls and one guy together as extreme personalities as we are, it makes for good TV. And that's why we have our show.

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