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"I'm from the crime capital / And the air smells like death that eats everything that lives / If it was up to me / I would reunite every gang in the name of the fearless people that have fallen / I am a valiant man who's just asking you to stop spilling innocent blood.?

“[But when the infectious beat of reggaetón, which is derived from Jamaican dancehall and other Afro-Caribbean beats, became popular on the Spanish-speaking island, many local rappers abandoned standard hip-hop breakbeats.] Latinos are children of la rumba, ... When people play drums it gets our attention right away. When we saw that, we realized there wasn't so much interest in hip-hop here anymore. We started to incorporate the ideas we had doing hip-hop with the base of dancehall and reggae en Español.?

"I'm all about breaking stereotypes.?

"The shooters had mistaken me for someone else. I entered a total rebellious phase. It completely changed me.?

"I'm ready to contribute a lot in the genre and, you know, I feel a little responsibility over my shoulders because right now,? Daddy Yankee said. “I'm the ambassador of my movement. But, being honest with you, I'm ready to represent my people all over the world.?

"I'm representing for Latinos all over the world. ... This ain't a one-hit-wonder thing. It's just the beginning. And it's a special moment for me and my culture.?

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