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Charlie Hinton: So... what else can we learn about?
Jamie: Dolphins. Dolphins are good.
Max: Dolphins are fish!
Becca: No, they're not!
Max: Yeah-huh, they live in water!
Becca: That doesn't mean they're fish!
Charlie Hinton: Hey, hey, hey... Calm down now. Maybe we should just ask another question here.
Jamie: ...Where do babies come from?
Charlie Hinton: Eh, eh... Y'know, why don't we go back to the dolphins, or something other than *that*?

Phil: [in the carrot suit] Nobody likes broccoli!
Charlie Hinton: [in the broccoli suit] Ben likes broccoli! Don't you, Ben?
Ben: Nope.
Charlie Hinton: You turned my own sprout against me? Now you're gonna die!

Ben: Remember when you broke my yo-yo?
Charlie Hinton: I did not break your yo-yo.
Ben: You did!
Charlie Hinton: I did not break your yo-yo.
Ben: Yes, you did!
Charlie Hinton: Your yo-yo was broke.
Ben: Yes, you did! Yes, you did! Admit-admit it! Ya killin me! Ya really killin me!

The Flash: We need more chasing bad guys!
Marvin: Hey, that's an excellent idea!
The Flash: Like the Joker!
Marvin: No, you see, buddy, that's Batman's bad guy. You're the Flash, you need to be fighting...
The Flash: Lex Luthor?
Marvin: No, that's Superman. You need to be fighting Captain Boomerang, Gorilla Grod, the Reverse Flash...
The Flash: How about the Riddler?
Marvin: [to Charlie and Phil] What are you doing to these kids?

Charlie Hinton: If you put your kids through this they're gonna be miserable in four languages...
Mrs. Gwyneth Harridan: Five, we start Portugese in the fall.

Ben: Good morning, Daddy.
Charlie Hinton: Hey, Ben, how you doing, man?
Charlie Hinton: Oh, God. Daddy's got to get ready for work.
Ben: Can't you stay home?
Charlie Hinton: No, I got a big day at work today. A real big day.

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