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I learned a lot from Puff. He didnít teach us nothing, but we watched from the outside. Youíve got some CEOs whoíll teach you about the game and want to see you do good. Then you got some ni**as thatís only about business. We didnít even have a budget; you know what Iím saying? We donít know what was spent. We didnít do too much spending because MTV paid for everything. They was paying Puff rent for us staying in the house and they was making money off the show. Money was generating everywhere for them. I feel them, though, because when you look at something like that, itís an opportunity. [Puff] looked at it like there was more money to be made.

Yeah, it was some editing s**t. When Nessís s**t came off, he was the only one that got his real beat from the studio. When they tried to make it seem like Ness was the only one in the studio, I didnít like that. Thatís something I took real personal. They know in their heart who they had the most work from. They canít stop me, man. That little move didnít stop me. The devilís going to throw sticks and stones, but you got to get where you are going, though.

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