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Curtis Fuller Quotes

“I more or less think that the trombone was chosen for me. I first selected a violin, which I didn’t do too well with, and, ironically, the only thing left was the trombone. My next choice was a saxophone, but they didn’t have any; so I think that the Creator had a lot to do with what I did…Because things just happened, you know, and I had no control over it. And I ended up with my instrument that I play now.”
Curtis Fuller

“It was Miles Davis who took me to New York, and Coltrane was in the band, as well as Paul Chambers, Philly Jo Jones. ‘Trane took me aside, and, of course, we did Blue Trane, which was my first album—and that started everything. He had confidence that I didn’t have; he saw something that I didn’t see.”
Curtis Fuller

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