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We've all just really been enjoying the hell out of it, and enjoying meeting all the fans, and going to different cities. Of course, money's always an issue, but hopefully, in the future, that won't be too much of one.

When it comes to the club shows, and the people are right there in front of you, and they're packed in like sardines...those are the shows that I get my jitters. But the big shows, man, we're all just really cool, calm and collected."

We've been on tour for about five or six weeks now, and all of us have been unemployed since. So we're finally out on the road, just doing our thing, man.

"We've got a big emotional attachment to this album; we've got a lot of faith in it, a lot of pride in it. And there's really nothing that anybody could tell us about it that would bring us down."

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