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“After Slicker Than Your Average , if I didn't have a break, I would have been making a record for the wrong reason.”

“The last few years has been full of highs, lows, dips and incredible success. It's been time for me to find myself as a person. I was seeing my friends, buying records and just doing a lot of normal things to make a record that's really autobiographical. Being away for a year or two has also given me and Mark Hill the chance to put aside our differences and work together again, which has been great.”

“I still love the music and it's still plays a part in what I do but I never 'turned my back' on garage. I was always doing R&B with, say, Walking Away. It's wonderful that I was classed as the king of 2-step and a pioneer, but it's had its turn, I think.”

“There was a lack of traveling, but the people who were traveling were in family groups. There was a feeling that families had to be together. We even got our family together that night,”

“The Bridge had a lot of long, soft profiles about the administration, ... In contrast, BU Today has shorter, hard pieces - more consistent with online journalism - which people can read every morning when they log on.”

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