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“Hick-hop is a combination of your traditional country instruments - the fiddle, banjo, the pedal steel guitar - and then I'm running off the mouth on top of all that, ... I just started doing it because I grew up singing to country music and rap and rock, and I combined all my favorite music together and came up with this.”

“I always thought to myself, 'Why should I appease you, Mr. So-and-So? Why shouldn't I just be who I am and do what I do? It doesn't really matter what I look like as long as the music is good,”

“It seems like it all happened so fast, ... But basically I've been working at it in Dallas for 15 years at frat parties and clubs. I've been recording CDs and giving them out to people, talking about it. The CDs either ended up used as Frisbees or beer coasters.”

“People laugh about that old joke where country music songs are about getting your truck repossessed. Well, I did have my truck repossessed, ... I did leave a good job for a shot at stardom only to end up with a career in retail.”

It's pretty cool, people really come out and support South Carolina. They are rabid fans, man, they really enjoy it.”

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