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For years, I wanted to write a song called “Joe Strummer,” and then I got an idea for the chorus, and I thought, “Okay, this is really good!” I wanted to write a tribute song, or something like that. And the chorus was really good, and I had the bridge laying around, but the rest of the song just blew. It was like, “Joe’s so cool,” yada yada. I’m like, “This sucks.” And then Paul came in and said, “I have an idea for a verse.” And this idea he had was great. I was like, “That’s it!” So we thought, well, let’s take this from another angle, and everybody started piecing stuff together. It was great.
Fred LeBlanc

Mary’s a great player, a lot of enthusiasm. But after a while I think the road got to her. And she suffered some personal losses that were pretty devastating. So she left the band, to kind of clear her head. So we got Sonia in and…trust me, if you ever see Sonia (chuckles)…I mean, Mary was really good, I loved playing with her, but Sonia was meant to be in this band. We really jive well together onstage. She’s giving me a run for my money every fucking night.
Fred LeBlanc

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