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“I was this wide-eyed kid wanting to see everything and do everything,”

I met my manager when I was in high school and I just started playing guitar. He came from a line of managing incredible artists. He said instead of opting for the quick fix he wanted me to go out and live my life and get some experience under my belt and keep in touch. It took me a long time to get to where I am but I wouldn’t change it for nothing. It’s been very valuable. Life happened and then the music came.

Pop music right now deserves to get beat up because it’s shit. I’m sorry but that is how I feel about it. What got me going back into the world of pop music was Coldplay’s song “Yellow.” I thought it was a song that was so simple, so beautiful, and so catchy and had so much class.

I love writing pop songs and I love the challenge. I love melodies and wanted it to be classy. I wanted it to have some substance because I feel as if I have a lot of things to say and wanted it to have something to it.

Everything is starting to make a little more sense to me now. I love the idea that, first of all when I made the record I don’t look at the music by classifying it. People have a problem classifying me as pop, or rock, or folk, or alt. The beauty for me is that a thirteen year old girl can fall in love with the record and so can her mom. I tend to gravitate towards artists that are timeless and don’t sound dated.

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