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Cooper Temple Clause Quotes

“A lot of times, it does happen quite naturally, quite subconsciously, maybe. Sometimes we have to go back and work on it, but it’s not often. Most of the building blocks are actually kind of right there at the start”.
Tom Bellamy (on writing)

“From going through the phase of not having any songs really written to going to great lengths to make the disc cohesive, so it makes sense in that order. You see, we’ve been in ‘big money’ studios where we didn’t really enjoy it…we found if difficult to translate our sound in a place we felt uncomfortable…the only real place we felt comfortable and sounded like ourselves was inside our practice room ( a converted pig farm just outside Reading) and we basically recorded the disc there”.
Didz Hammond

“It’s a long time to be away, but it’s a great adventure.”
Didz Hammond

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