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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Quotes

The name was uttered by The Great Fish Claude shortly before expiring atop the mighty Schuylkill river.
Alec Ounsworth (about band name)

Hearing a different kind of loud sex next door and wondering whether to call the EPA or go downstairs to unload the truck. I
unloaded the truck.
Lee Sargent (about living in NY)

"It would be like the band that the gangs always got to play."
Lee Sargent

"Were going for people to love the shit out of the whole thing, or just hate it. And its sort of working. I think."
Lee Sargent

"There was one email that said, 'You are @#$%& awful.'"
Tyler Sargent

...we always knew that this band was going to be successful eventually. We didn't know how long it would take. You hear about really awesome bands like, "paying their dues" for three years and not getting noticed. So that was always a possibility.
Lee Sargent

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