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Citizen Fish Quotes

We're all citizens. Most people live in cities with the basis of life revolving about jobs and living the "9 to 5" life of routine and repetition. The Fish represents the inner person in all of us (cause we all evolved from fish in the first place) who prefers to go where they want to go, do what they want to do, which is what fish do. And fish also don't go around throwing bombs at each other like human beings do. So Citizen Fish is like the contradictory balancing nature of human kind. We have to live with this balance, and if we fall to far to one side, being the Citizen side - we're not going to allow ourselves, well, to be ourselves. If we go to far on the Fish side, then we'll . .(deep breath). . Drown! So you have to keep the balance, but it's a very fine line.
Dick Lucas

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