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Christopher Franke Quotes

People know me as a keyboard player, but I started my music education with the violin which I gave up for the trumpet. My mother is a violin player and plays in an orchestra. That's how I got started. Of course there was a piano in the house which I started as a side instrument. So I had a classical education through my parents.
Christopher Franke

here was a guy called William Friedkin who called out of the blue into Berlin. He said we should score a film called "Wages of Fear", which was later named "Sorcerer". That was our first major movie, but we did a film in Germany before. This was called "Vampyra", a stylized film about vampires with a modern approach. Friedkin said we should do the film not by seeing the finished product, but by scoring in a pre-production session by reading the script and using our instincts. Then he would take this to the set to inspire the actors. This was a first in the industry. He tried that and we succeeded 50%. It was worth the shot. We started early with unusual methods.
Christopher Franke (on scoring his first film)

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